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Truck Accident Teaches Teen the Value of Seatbelts

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Two teens were thrown from a pickup truck in an early Sunday morning car accident when the truck they were riding in spun and hit a tree. Neither teen was wearing her seatbelt. One of the teens was released from the hospital Monday while the other was still fighting for her life. Regarding seatbelts, the released teen was quoted as saying, “I think if I’d have been wearing mine, I wouldn’t have been hurt and neither would my friend if she’d been wearing hers.”

The first witness to arrive on the scene was Ralph Klug.

“I was down here within 45 seconds,” said Klug, who called paramedics.

Klug lives nearby. He ran to the scene to help. He said seat belts could have spared the girls their injuries.

“Had they had them on, they would have been just fine probably in the truck,” Klug said.

Remember, folks, seatbelts save lives.