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Craig Kelley

Watch for Motorcycles: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Did you know that 62% of motorcycle fatalities occur between May and September? Why is that? May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for a reason. Favorable weather conditions and a desire to be outdoors encourage motorcyclists to reoccupy their […]

Craig Kelley

Self-Driving Cars Could Be Putting You at Risk as Their Numbers—and Their Shortcomings—Continue to Grow

A self-driving Uber vehicle—with a human safety driver behind the wheel in case of emergency—struck and killed an Arizona woman on Sunday, March 18, 2018. The victim, identified as 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, is the first known pedestrian fatality caused by […]

Craig Kelley

Fiat Chrysler Pickup Recall

The latest in automobile recalls just announced is out from Fiat Chrysler.  The auto giant has put out the word it is recalling  a million North American pickup trucks with a problem in the software that is keeping the side air bags and […]

Craig Kelley

Toyota Recall – Air Bags and Emissions Control

Toyota Motor Corporation has issued a global recall of 3.37 million vehicles due to problems with air bags and with emissions control units.  2.87 million of the vehicles could have defects with the emissions controls and 1.43 million have defects […]

Craig Kelley

Chrysler Recall for Gear Shift Problems

Fiat Chrysler has announced a recall of 1.1 million vehicles throughout the world because of the gear shift design is causing driver confusion over what gear the vehicle is in.  Even though there are two reminders in place for safety […]

Craig Kelley

Ice More Than a Sliding Out of Control Danger on the Roads

When you think of ice and the hazards of driving at this time of year it is natural to think of spinning out on dangerously icy roads, but there is also a hazard when the ice is not cleaned off […]

Craig Kelley

Apps to Halt Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a big time problem in our hurried, technology addicted, constantly connected and on society.  Texting and driving is one of the biggest distractions of our times and the phenomenon causes thousands of fatal accidents in the […]

Craig Kelley

Advice for Your Happiest Thanksgiving!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Inserra & Kelley wants to wish everyone, first, Happy Thanksgiving!  In keeping with our desire to keep you ever informed of ways to stay safe and healthy, we will present you with some thoughts for […]

Craig Kelley

Warmer Weather and Rise in Motorcycle Accidents

As the temperatures slowly begin to rise, all things outdoors start to welcome Spring. This includes a great increase in motorcycles being out on the roads in states that have been waiting for winter’s grasp to ease. With more motorcycles […]

John Inserra

Should I Stop & Render Aid to Accident Victims?

We have all done it. We see someone who has had an accident and needs help. We stop and offer assistance. Do we have to stop and render aid? Can we get into any trouble if we do not? What […]