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Craig Kelley

Red Flags on Your Next Dental Visit

Perhaps the recent Halloween candy frenzy is sending you or your family on a dental visit?  There are things that the dental patient should beware when it comes to dental offices for safety and health.   A list has been […]

Craig Kelley

Problems Reported with Bayer’s Contraceptive Essure

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not done it yet, many women are begging the agency to withdraw Bayer’s Essure, a permanent birth control device.  Thousands of women thus far have complained that it has caused life-changing […]

Craig Kelley

Lack of Experience Endangering the Pediatric Ambulance Patient

In the personal injury area of law, it is not uncommon for the children of clients to be transported by ambulance after auto accidents, injuries, and the like, but parents should be aware that the emergency medical service (EMS) transporting […]

John Inserra

Can I Protect My Parents from Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence?

As our parents begin to age, we are reminded of our responsibility to protect them.  Elderly persons are at risk for bullying, being taken advantage of financially through scams, falls, and even neglect by those to whom we entrust their […]

John Inserra

Do Men and Women Have Different Outcomes in Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries?

A recent IMPACT study to evaluate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) outcomes has disclosed that while age, race and education are all associated with outcomes, gender does not.  The IMPACT study analyzed Glasgow Outcome Scores at six months post moderate-to-severe TBI […]

John Inserra

HR 5 Treading on States' Rights

The unending tort reform battle continues, this time at the Federal level on Capitol Hill as Congress gets ready to debate H.R. 5, a bill that would establish federal limits on damages in…

John Inserra

Medical malpractice reform as debt reduction strategy doesn't make sense

Fixing our country’s economic situation is no small task and it certainly involves tough decisions about programs and issues that affect all of us. Apparently, one of the many options being…

John Inserra

New study on medical malpractice: how much are doctors really at risk?

Debates about reforming our civil justice system—particularly in the area of medical malpractice claims—are a hot topic for attorneys, physicians, insurance companies and politicians….