Omaha, Nebraska


John Inserra

A Sad Ending to a Motorcycle Ride

Two people were killed in Lincoln Nebraska when they were hit by a drunk driver while on a motorcycle. More proof that drinking and driving don’t mix.

John Inserra

Motorcycle Information by the Highway Safety Department of Nebraska

If you have a motorcycle or are interested in buying a motorcycle you should look at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Division website on motorcycles The site covers the…

Craig Kelley

May Designated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has designated May, 2008, as NAtional Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Tne NHTSA has also developed a Motorcycle Safety…

John Inserra

Nebraska Rejects Anti Helmet Law

The Nebraska unicameral legislature rejected by a vote of 25-23 a bill which would have allowed people age 21 and older to ride motorcycles and go without helmets as long as they wore eye protection and had taken a safety course.For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

John Inserra

Motorcycle Safety Course in Nebraska

As we enter the hot summer months, more and more people are buying motorcycles. The first thing on your agenda should be registration in the Motorcycle Safety Class. Motorcycle 101 is a course for the rider who has never been on a motorcycle; while the Basic Rider Course is for new to semi-experienced riders. After years of steady decline in the number of motorcycle accidents, the trend has…

John Inserra

Tommy Craft Memorial Fund Charity Ride

A young person was about to turn seventeen years of age when he was senselesslygunned down in June of 1998. On Father’s Day, four days after he was shot, he died. His name was Tommy Craft and thanks to his love of skating and those who loved him , a memorial fund was created with its motto: “skate don’t hate.” The Tommy Craft Memorial Fund organization has been around for several years and has…

John Inserra

State Motorcycle Law Summary

Each state has its own peculiar set of motorcycle laws. In my neighborhood it is time to ride in the Loess Hills of Iowa, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Ozarks in Missouri, and the Nebraska byways. A summary of state laws can help you know what your are required to do as you pass over state borders. I hope this helps wherever you choose to ride.

John Inserra

Pastor Killed in Motorcycle Accident

A Connecticut minister was killed in a motorcycle accident recently when the Harley Davidson he was riding was rear-ended by another vehicle. Reverend John Schettenhelm was stopped and preparing to turn into his driveway when a Volvo driven by Stephen Maier struck him from behind.Christine at TheThinking Mother is an acquaintance of Schettenhelm’s wife and is familiar with the road on which he…