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John Inserra

Can I Protect My Parents from Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Negligence?

As our parents begin to age, we are reminded of our responsibility to protect them.  Elderly persons are at risk for bullying, being taken advantage of financially through scams, falls, and even neglect by those to whom we entrust their […]

John Inserra

Nursing Home Abuse Settlement Reported

Life Care Center of Elkhorn has settled a lawsuit that accused it of neglecting its patients and allowing an elderly woman to lie in her own feces for hours at a time after back surgery.A patient developed an infection in her wound during her stay at the Life Care Center of Elkhorn that required surgery to reopen her incision and drain the infection and fecal matter in the wound.Terms of the…

John Inserra

Medical Malpractice Cases

As reported in Reuter’s Health Information, Medical Malpractice cases are usually won by the defendant. When there is any doubt after hearing all the evidence and expert opinions, juries usually return a verdict in favor of the physician, study author Philip G. Peters, from the University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Law, said in a statement.Peters reached this conclusion after conducting an…