Omaha, Nebraska


Craig Kelley

Third Wave of Asbestos Victims

You may have seen an earlier blog on our site discussing the dangers of asbestos and the deadly condition, mesothelioma being the worst consequence of the substance.  Since being outlawed in the 1970s, asbestos has been known to be a […]

Craig Kelley

BPA Replacement Suspect Too

So you breathed a great sigh of relief when you found out the major bottled water manufacturers and others had replaced the scary Bisphenol A (BPA) used for bottles and other products with Bisphenol S (BPS). The replacement was touted […]

John Inserra

A Case about Experts

The Nebraska Supreme Court provides an analysis about when to exclude expert testimony in a toxic tort FELA case. The opinion reinforces the cases of Daubert and Schafersman in Nebraska; stating…