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John Inserra

Worker's Compensation and Bad Faith

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma allows a claimant to bring a bad faith claim against her employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier for failure to pay permanent partial disability benefits. The case is SIZEMORE v. CONTINENTAL CASUALTY COMPANY. The court found that a common law tort of bad faith exists for an insurance carrier’s bad faith in refusing to pay a workers’ compensation award.

John Inserra

Top Ten Tips For Injured Workers

If you get hurt on the job, your employer maybe required to pay you workers’ compensation benefits. You may be entitled to Medical Care, Temporary total disability benefits,Temporary partial disability benefits, Permanent partial disability benefits, Vocational rehabilitation benefits, or Death benefits. The tips below only scratch the surface of possible pitfalls in the workers’ compensation…

Staff Writer

Workers' Compensation And WTC Clean-up

Julie Ferguson at Workers’ Comp Insider brings my attention to an AP article from PhillyBurbs.com. The article points out that the government does not look highly upon workers’ compensation claims arising from the clean-up of the 9-11 tragedy: of the 485 federal employees to file for workers compensation claiming injuries from the aftermath at ground zero… virtually all of those claims, some…