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Beware of Imported Kratom Leaf


You may or may not be familiar with the green leaf, kratom, that is imported in product forms such as drink form, powdered products, and bars, and have been sold in places like convenience stores, as well as on the internet.  Kratom is touted by many as a pain reliever, and even a product to help kick heroin addiction, and hails from Southeast Asia.  The green leaf actually alters the mind and can be used for pain or withdrawal, but then hook the user to an addiction to the kratom. 

Kratom has resulted in dangerous side effects such as respiratory depression, seizures, and even suicide, but many crave its stated benefits of hitting the opiate receptor of the brain and giving opioid-like effects to the user.  Local lawmakers and the U.S Food and Drug administration have experienced some confusion over whether to allow or ban kratom, with Wyoming, Vermont, Tennessee, and Indiana making it illegal.  To date, it is still a product that consumers can find access to and further studies and cost benefit analyses will have to be done in the future to determine its fate. 

When making decisions about the products you or your loved ones use, the caring professionals at Inserra & Kelley  want you to be as informed as possible in regards to product dangers versus possible benefits.  It is always wise to contact your medical provider to discuss whether any product like kratom would be beneficial or harmful to your individual health and wellness.      


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  1. Nate says:
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    Mr. Kelly,
    Please do yourself a favor and actually research whatever it is you decide to publish. If you do not no the facts, please don’t spread false rumors.
    Perhaps you should do a story on how this natural drug (related to coffee) has many benefits, and how big drug companies are worried about this plant replacing the poison that they produce, resulting in them losing billions of dollars, and because of that, they’re paying their lobbyists millions to have the government classify this plant as a dangerous drug. I appreciate your concern.

  2. Mike says:
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    Please do more research. Your claims here are all hear say and it is obvious to anyone who is well versed in the plant, that is related to coffee, that you have not done any research outside of newspaper reads. you should really consider that the internet has a wealth of knowledge about every subject, before publishing an article such as this. with a simple google search you will just as many article’s campaigning for the plant as you will against it. thank you for ceasing to spread lies over the internet, it has become quite an epidemic in this country as of late.

  3. Vicki says:
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    Your ignorance is showing. This is the same tired miss information being spread by media… It is full of inaccuracies. Kratom is saving lives not taking them like. Please do some research.

  4. Nick says:
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    Another write up of someone who has done zero research except reading main stream media’s headlines. This plant has saved hundreds of thousands of lives by keeping them off poisonous big pharma “alternatives” whose drugs literally have science backed side effects of “suicide”, “increased depression”, and “violent thoughts”. Kratom has zero science proven side effects at this point but you use your position to pass off as if it does. Not what a responsible “for the people” adult should be doing. Don’t try to increase business but piggy backing off the negative bad press. Horrible seo tactic. And slimey all around.

  5. Chris says:
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    Another copy and paste article that has several inaccuracies. Stop embarrassing yourself and do your research then re-publish your kratom article. It’s Wisconsin that it is banned not Wyoming. AND Wisconsin is now in the process of removing the ban.

  6. Dennis says:
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    If you represent your clients as haphazardly as you cut and paste disproven articles then I feel sorry for your clients. PS one of the many things that makes kratom special is the fact that it does not contribute to respiratory depression

  7. Tony says:
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    You should be ashamed of yourself for printing such misinformation as well as plagiarism. It looks like you, pretty much, copied and pasted another article that was full of blatant lies.

    Shame on you.

  8. Kevin says:
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    I’m SO TIRED Of fighting misinformation about Kratom. It does not cause respiratory depredation, suicide, ect… This makes me sick to my stomach. Stop writing about things you know nothing about.

  9. Jason Zen says:
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    Sad these low life’s selling fear porn. The days of selling BS are coming to a close. People are thinking for themselves and are capable of doing a quick Google search to check the facts… wish you were.

  10. David says:
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    This article is factually inaccurate and plain irresponsible. Due diligence begins with getting a story right in the first place.

  11. Mark Twain says:
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    (Yawn) Another “Kratom Madness” story with zero references to back it up. There is a reason it is legal in 47 states and that reason is it is an herb. I’ve used it for (coming on 6 years) now; have never once gotten high from it, have yet to “need to use more and more”; same amount as the day I tried it 6 years ago to stop opiates and save my life due to chronic severe pain. The reason it is legal in so many states is to protect us from goofball ambulance chasers like you. We don’t need protection from something as safe (and proven effective) as kratom. Research, then publish, please.

  12. Chelsi says:
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    I know you are just a personal injury lawyer and would like to make your client happy but to falsify the information you have can put more at risk then you are obviously willing to consider. I think the fact that a natural herb that has been around for hundreds of years that is saving thousands of lives deserves a fair analysis. Not a jump to judgement by certain individuals that are probably pro-prescription. What I do know is kratom is saving lives. Do your research please.

  13. Sally Oops says:
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    WOW! Who does your research? How many thousands of cases of overdoses of Kratom do you read/hear about in the local news? How many causes of death from Kratom have you ever encountered? Seriously? I think your fact checker has it all backward. Those were cases of legally written prescribed overdoses from pain pills….not Kratom. Please do your research.

  14. Chris says:
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    Any responsible kratom users knows that this miracle plant has many benefits and has a record of zero overdoses. The truth is that big pharma doesnt want an all natural remedy for pain, anxiety, or depression. They would rather dope us all up on their synthetically made pills, including any kind of opiates that can lead to an overdose death. Big pharma wants to keep their money churning while countless americans become slaves to opiates. Any person who has studied this plant can see that there is extremely amazing benefits. Kratom is nothing but a healthy plant enriched with antioxidants that relieves pain and provides mood enhancment. Kratom is very mild but effective. Most users dont even feel impairment. Kratom also comes from the same family as coffee, and the irony about coffee is that the psychoactive compound in coffee which is caffiene, can actually kill you. Kratom doesnt give you the edginess that coffee does because it is caffieine free. Personally I view kratom as a all natural plant that can help many in need and can provide safe and healthy mood enhancement to adults who choose to use it. To demonize this plant would be a total shame. The government needs to leave healthy dietary supplements alone. For the FDA to seize kratom is just a total embarrassment to our country. The FDA is trying to take away kratom from the american people and this needs to stop. For anyone reading this page, I encourage you all to research kratom and to reply to my comment if you have any questions or concerns. To all of the other positive kratom responses on this page- Thankyou. Be sure to research Susan Ash. Also be sure to check out speciosa.org for news and updates and everything you need to know about kratom.

  15. Michael says:
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    Mr. Kelley,

    I would like to believe that you had good intentions for this article. You’re just warning against a plant that you have been informed is “Dangerous.” The problem is that you’re spreading misinformation. As I’ve seen many others say, a quick internet search would’ve yielded much different results then what you’ve posted in this article.

    For anyone seeking the truth about Kratom, check out our forum at ilovekratom.com! Our kratommites are chatting about the benefits of the plant on almost a daily basis. We enjoy any knowledge and experience that anyone can bring, hopefully I’ll catch some of you on the other side.


  16. Mene says:
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    “The green leaf actually alters the mind…”
    I stopped reading right there. So what? You know what other green leaves alter the mind? Tea leaves. Also coffee alters the mind, a plant that kratom is closely related to. Marijuana is a green leafed plant that alters the mind as well. And guess what? All three drugs — marijuana, tea and coffee — are just as safe. Perhaps mildly addictive but, not as addictive as cigarettes or alcohol, so they are pretty safe in comparison. Should we make alcohol and cigarettes illegal too or let people choose to do what they want with their own bodies?

  17. Jennifer says:
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    Do your research. Kratom didn’t cause a suicide, the suicide by the kid using Kratom was linked to Depression, which he was being treated for. If someone regularly drank green tea and shot themselves one day, would you blame the tea? Would there suddenly be this bonanza of articles blaming the tea? That’s totally irresponsible. My dad was suicidal due to depression and he smoked pot. When he shot himself did anyone blame weed? No. He was depressed, he had suicidal thoughts and a life event triggered him finally picking up that gun, he thankfully lived. I used to be addicted to prescription painkillers, especially oxy. I used heroin as well. About 8 years ago someone introduced me to Kratom and I haven’t looked back. It helped me get off prescription opiates, I measured my daily intake and I was all good. Eventually, I didn’t need to use it any longer and only do so if I’m having back pain so I don’t relapse, go to a doctor and get prescription painkillers. Wow! What a terrifying substance! LOL Reading these articles is like watching Reefer Madness.

  18. TJ says:
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    It’s sad to read this misinformation – but hey, it’s YOUR reputation. Trying to inflict fear on the masses because you lack the research and knowledge about Kratom. Why don’t you write a piece FOR it? You obviously wanted to write this to help people – but you were mistaken in the fact that the plant is already catching on, just as COFFEE.

    Do your research and re-write.

  19. Kevin says:
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    I truly understand nerve pain and long term pain management. Cervical and lumbar nerve root decompressions in addition to a cervical fusion from C3 thru C6 has provided a front seat education of the vicious soul killing nature of long term pain management with opiates. Besides the fact that opiates have a high potential for dependency and abuse, experiencing the world though an “opiate haze” makes it impossible to function or provide for your family.

    Fortunately for me and my family, I’ve found relief in the leaf of a tree that is related to the coffee plant called Kratom. Kratom isn’t synthetic and doesn’t have to be processed in any way because the leaf alone is effective. I was able to immediately and completely eliminate opiates from my pain management routine by taking one teaspoon in the morning, and one in the evening. It completely relieves all nerve pain without the opiate haze. Kratom gives me the exact same side effects as consuming two good cups of coffee except without the coffee jitters. I take it with citrus juice, usually grapefruit as it helps release the active ingredient. Now, it does taste horrible, and is so dry that it’s difficult to take without inhaling it until you get used to it. Other options are to put in gel caps, or to make a tea out of it (which most people prefer). I’m just too lazy to make the tea. :-)

    Kratom has saved my sanity and relationship with my family. It allows me to focus on my work and function as a productive member of society. I did slowly develop a tolerance, as after 8 months I take 4 teaspoons. The good news is that I can take an opiate for a couple of weeks (starting with no opiate tolerance issues) while my Kratom tolerance comes down. After two weeks, my tolerance to Kratom is gone, I quit the opiate and resume with one teaspoon of Kratom again. This is a GREAT candidate for managing the enormous problem pain killer tolerance. As for me, other than my tolerance reduction cycles, I’m sticking with Kratom for health reasons and so I can function.

    Pharma has started research on Kratom to create a different class of painkiller, and has also started a campaign to prevent the sale of Kratom, so when you do your research… read the comments of all the people that it upsets. It’s people like you and me that want an alternative to the Doctor/Script/Pharmacy cycle. Pharma wants their cut, and I’ll go out of my way to make sure they get as little of my money as possible. Pharma does not need to hold the keys to ALL pain management and should not take this simple, safe and effective tree leaf away from those that benefit from its effects every day.

  20. Chris says:
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    Yet again another disappointing article that does not reflect the truth and is spreading inaccurate details about a truly benign and wonderful natural product. Clearly no qualifications or skill is required these days to become a journalist, not to mention the editors incompetence for not doing basic checks on the content’s validity.

  21. Motorsheep says:
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    Just remember, this is not an article on a new site… its clickbait on the business site of some ambulance-chasing lawyers. If this is how they conduct themselves on their site imagine how ‘well researched’ they would be representing your case.

  22. Michael says:
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    This fear mongering needs to stop, the effects of kratom are no stronger than coffee, it is silly to see articles like this. Mr. Kelly, please do more research before writing such an ignorant article. Has anyone overdosed on kratom…no. I feel ashamed that there are still such ignorant human beings in 2016.

  23. Seth says:
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    Craig, I’m a professor in Nebraska. If you’re interested in learning about the science and benefits of kratom, please contact me. Perhaps you could amend this article with a more balanced approach. (If you can’t see my email via this form, just respond here, and I’ll call your office number.)

  24. Kevin says:
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    The image you have “http://omaha.legalexaminer.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/106/2016/01/Kratom-Leaf-300×300.jpg” is used without the copyright owners permission. Either get permission, or remove the image from this site. I’m assuming the Omaha Legal Examiner understands copyright law, and the recourses available to the copyright owner. You have been notified.