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What You Need to Know About Zofran and Pregnancy


If you or someone you love has had surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, there is a good chance Zofran has been prescribed to fight the nausea that can accompany any of these medical interventions. Although not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use by pregnant women to combat nausea and vomiting, the drug has been widely used for morning sickness. Zofran (generic name Ondansetron), a popular anti-nausea and anti-vomiting drug is now the subject of lawsuits stemming from birth defects in babies of women taking the drug early (before 10 weeks) in their pregnancies.

The maker of Zofran, GlaxoSmithKline, has already gotten in trouble with the FDA for marketing Zofran to pregnant women, resulting in the drug company paying out a billion in civil lawsuit settlements. The new lawsuits stem from women across the country filing Zofran lawsuits after taking the drug and giving birth to babies with birth defects. There are no definitive studies showing an absolute link of Zofran to birth defects, but the fact is that there have been a significant number of babies born with birth defects after their mothers took the drug. The ugly fact is that GlaxoSmithKline marketed this drug for use in pregnant women suffering from morning sickness without bothering to study possible fetal risks connected to the drug. In fact, if a person looks up the drug on a site, such as MedicineNet.com, the drug is not being specifically touted as a treatment for morning sickness in pregnant women, but there is also no mention that the drug could be linked to birth defects and there is no warning to women who are or might be pregnant.

If you or someone you know fears a link between taking Zofran as a prenatal combatant of morning sickness and a birth defect in their baby, Inserra & Kelley has the caring professionals ready to evaluate a possible claim with sensitivity, expertise, and confidentiality.


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  1. Lily says:
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    I took this drug while pregnant and my son was born with a birth defect on his penis for which he had to have surgery before 1 year old to correct the problem, but unfortunately it didn’t completely got fix and I do not want to make him go through the painful surgery again.

  2. Nancy F. Collin says:
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    I took Zofran for exactly 6 weeks from 6 wks-12wks gestation. My daughter was born in 2005 with a club foot and has since suffered developmental delays and is now under evaluation for ADD at the age of 10.