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Omaha Receives 20-Year Extension to 2030 From NCAA on its Beloved College World Series

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Breaking news from Omaha.com!

We citizens had to build a new $140 million stadium to ink the deal, but who cares.

My family has had CS season tickets for 30 years, and I went to the Series (in Omaha since 1950) with my Grandfather as a child.  I have taken my own children annually for tailgating and opening day since they were infants.  Now they will be able to TAKE ME (or roll me) to the Series when I am retired, and I will get to introduce another generation of my family to the great game of baseball in its purest, non-steroided form!

A great day for Omaha! Come and see this great spectacle some day and bring your kids.  I will have a cold beverage waiting for you out in the parking lot.

In these times of little loyalty and/or longevity, it was nice to see the sometimes-greedy NCAA reward Omaha for its handling and expenditures on this annual Classic in the River City.

Gotta go celebrate!