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Pastor Killed in Motorcycle Accident

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A Connecticut minister was killed in a motorcycle accident recently when the Harley Davidson he was riding was rear-ended by another vehicle. Reverend John Schettenhelm was stopped and preparing to turn into his driveway when a Volvo driven by Stephen Maier struck him from behind.

Christine at TheThinking Mother is an acquaintance of Schettenhelm’s wife and is familiar with the road on which he was killed:

The road that they live on (where the church is), is a state road with a speed limit of 40 or 45 miles per hour. Despite that, drivers routinely drive over 50 and sometimes over 60 miles per hour. I know this because when I drive near the speed limit on that road, they tailgate me in acts of road rage (they did it when I lived there and they still do it now when I am in that town). I used to live ¼ mile from this road, and less than 1 mile away from where this family lived. Due to the dangerous road, I didn’t walk or ride my bike on it. Occasionally the police do speed traps on the road, but it is not very effective, in my opinion.

Christine tells the story of meeting Schettenhelm’s wife and offers heartfelt condolences to the family. She also provides links to other news stories about the accident.