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You may or may not be familiar with the green leaf, kratom, that is imported in product forms such as drink form, powdered products, and bars, and have been sold in places like convenience stores, as well as on the internet.  Kratom is touted by many as a pain reliever, and even a product to help kick heroin addiction, and hails from Southeast Asia.  The green leaf actually alters the mind and can be used for pain or withdrawal, but then hook the user to an addiction to the kratom. 

Kratom has resulted in dangerous side effects such as respiratory depression, seizures, and even suicide, but many crave its stated benefits of hitting the opiate receptor of the brain and giving opioid-like effects to the user.  Local lawmakers and the U.S Food and Drug administration have experienced some confusion over whether to allow or ban kratom, with Wyoming, Vermont, Tennessee, and Indiana making it illegal.  To date, it is still a product that consumers can find access to and further studies and cost benefit analyses will have to be done in the future to determine its fate. 

When making decisions about the products you or your loved ones use, the caring professionals at Inserra & Kelley  want you to be as informed as possible in regards to product dangers versus possible benefits.  It is always wise to contact your medical provider to discuss whether any product like kratom would be beneficial or harmful to your individual health and wellness.      


  1. Gravatar for Nate

    Mr. Kelly,

    Please do yourself a favor and actually research whatever it is you decide to publish. If you do not no the facts, please don't spread false rumors.

    Perhaps you should do a story on how this natural drug (related to coffee) has many benefits, and how big drug companies are worried about this plant replacing the poison that they produce, resulting in them losing billions of dollars, and because of that, they're paying their lobbyists millions to have the government classify this plant as a dangerous drug. I appreciate your concern.

  2. Gravatar for Mike

    Please do more research. Your claims here are all hear say and it is obvious to anyone who is well versed in the plant, that is related to coffee, that you have not done any research outside of newspaper reads. you should really consider that the internet has a wealth of knowledge about every subject, before publishing an article such as this. with a simple google search you will just as many article's campaigning for the plant as you will against it. thank you for ceasing to spread lies over the internet, it has become quite an epidemic in this country as of late.

  3. Gravatar for Vicki

    Your ignorance is showing. This is the same tired miss information being spread by media... It is full of inaccuracies. Kratom is saving lives not taking them like. Please do some research.

  4. Gravatar for Nick

    Another write up of someone who has done zero research except reading main stream media's headlines. This plant has saved hundreds of thousands of lives by keeping them off poisonous big pharma "alternatives" whose drugs literally have science backed side effects of "suicide", "increased depression", and "violent thoughts". Kratom has zero science proven side effects at this point but you use your position to pass off as if it does. Not what a responsible "for the people" adult should be doing. Don't try to increase business but piggy backing off the negative bad press. Horrible seo tactic. And slimey all around.

  5. Gravatar for Chris

    Another copy and paste article that has several inaccuracies. Stop embarrassing yourself and do your research then re-publish your kratom article. It's Wisconsin that it is banned not Wyoming. AND Wisconsin is now in the process of removing the ban.

  6. Gravatar for Dennis

    If you represent your clients as haphazardly as you cut and paste disproven articles then I feel sorry for your clients. PS one of the many things that makes kratom special is the fact that it does not contribute to respiratory depression

  7. Gravatar for Tony

    You should be ashamed of yourself for printing such misinformation as well as plagiarism. It looks like you, pretty much, copied and pasted another article that was full of blatant lies.

    Shame on you.

  8. Gravatar for Kevin

    I'm SO TIRED Of fighting misinformation about Kratom. It does not cause respiratory depredation, suicide, ect... This makes me sick to my stomach. Stop writing about things you know nothing about.

  9. Gravatar for Jason Zen

    Sad these low life's selling fear porn. The days of selling BS are coming to a close. People are thinking for themselves and are capable of doing a quick Google search to check the facts... wish you were.

  10. Gravatar for David

    This article is factually inaccurate and plain irresponsible. Due diligence begins with getting a story right in the first place.

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