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It’s the cold, dry time of year that makes lip balm a staple for many people, but popular Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm is now the subject of a lawsuit due to disturbing side effects.  Celebrity promoters Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears are used to market the lip balm touted to provide relief of dry lips.  However, now there are complaints it makes the lips dryer than before use, and has even caused painful unattractive blisters and rashes on the lips.   

A class action lawsuit has been filed as of January 12, 2016 in Los Angeles, naming plaintiff Rachel Cronin.  Ms. Cronin applied EOS lip balm and within hours she had really dry, course lips of a sandpaper quality that would definitely not be the goal of using the product.  Thinking she just needed to keep applying more EOS, she did so and the next side effect was cracked edges before full-out “severe blistering and rashes” for which she had to seek medical care.  EOS claims its lip balm is a natural, organic, gluten-free product and in a tweet in response to the class action lawsuit, the company is sticking but its product’s safety and rigorous product testing.  Time will tell whether further individuals come forward complaining of EOS less than natural, wholesome side effects, and in the meantime consumers will have to decide whether trying the product is worth the risk it may hold. 

  If you or someone you know has suffered problems related to EOS lip balm, you may be entitled to compensation.  Do not hesitate to contact the caring professionals at Inserra & Kelley Law Offices to discuss your specific options.   


  1. Gravatar for Steve Wolfe

    She applied lip balm to her severely chapped lips and her condition worsened as a result. Her response was to repeat use of the same product. That sounds like human error. It happens. After the second application a normal, logical adult would immediately discontinue use of the product (which is also usually listed in the product labeling as well) and talk to a doctor or pharmacist. This type of litigation makes me ashamed of our legal system.

  2. Gravatar for Dougyy

    1. Miss Flanagan, thank you for the grammar lesson. However you completely missed out on the the main topic & reason for this article. (Please feel free to correct my grammar. I don't give a crap. Ok. Moving on. It's embarrassing that we live in a nation that has to have high dollar corporations with the assistance of the FDA to put markings on products like hemroid cream that honestly states "Do not take this product orally.". Some people have become so sue happy to try and make a few bucks. HELLO! Go get a f-ing job. More and more I see that we as a people are losing our reasoning and duductive cognition to figure shit out. Tried new soap for the shower. It gave me a little rash. Returned said soap to the retailer and exchanged it for something else. Had another go at the shower and had no problems. I'm not going to crumble or crush a company for a few million dollars because I was to much of an idiot to not read the label and discontinue use I guess. If you are 18 or older, STOP, READ, THINK, PLAN AND THEN EXECUTE. Seriously people. Grow up.

    That fulfilled my rant for the day.

    With that being said, feel free to correct my spelling and grammar. When your done I'll give you a nice shiny quarter.

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