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Inserra Kelley Sewell has given its readership information in the past on the defective Pinnacle metal on metal replacement, with currently more than 9,000 cases filed against Johnson & Johnson and DePuy. A test case recently saw a jury award in Texas for six individual plaintiffs in the amount of $247 million dollars. This test trial was the third straight win for plaintiffs with injuries from the metal-on- metal hip replacements, which Johnson & Johnston and
Depuy failed to warn consumer patients about. Individuals injured by the hip device implants
suffered problems such as tissue death, bone erosion, and other injuries.

Johnson & Johnson has already vowed to appeal the process and Depuy has made the
statement they will defend themselves in these lawsuits for the long-term. Depuy continues to
claim the hip implants are effective, as per strong clinical data. Plaintiffs in these cases,
however, contend they were not warned of the risks and the defendant companies hawk their
metal-on- metal products by stating they are longer lasting than plastic or ceramic implants and
commonly utilized in treatment.

Be a well-informed consumer and ask your doctor about whether you could be affected.
If you or a loved one has already suffered damages from the Pinnacle metal-on- metal hip
implants, do not hesitate to bring questions regarding your personal situation and possible claim
to the caring legal experts at Inserra Kelley Sewell, where your health and safety is priority one.

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