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Local news agencies are reporting that drivers should be aware of changes in how to get new or replacement licenses. Starting in July, drivers will no longer be able to exchange an expired driver’s license for a new one. Neither will those replacing lost driver’s licenses be able to walk out with a new license the same day that they visit motor vehicles. In an attempt to up security and prevent fraud, drivers will receive a 30-day interim document that will allow them to drive and identify themselves while they wait for a new copy of their license to arrive in the mail. But the director of the Motor Vehicles Department is also alerting drivers to the fact that in order to get a license mailed, additional documents will have to be shown at the MVD as well.

If you need to get a new license, you’ll want to bring your old license with you to the MVD, unless it has been lost or stolen. Additionally, you’ll need utility bills, bank statements, or other statements with your name and current address on them. This requirement is aimed at decreasing cases of fraud, stolen identities, and sexual offenders avoiding registration – there are over 12,000 of these cases a year. Of course, while preventing these kinds of crimes may reduce the amount of money that police agencies expend on following up. However, mailing licenses out will also increase costs at the MVD. To offset this, a $2.50 security charge will be added to the current cost of getting a license.

While there is likely to be an adjustment period as Nebraskans get used to the interim documents, it is suggested that people visit the MVD website before heading out to get a new license, and also plan on arriving earlier at the airport for flights when using the interim documents. Additionally, if you happen to be involved in an accident, and you are exchanging information with another driver, ask to see interim documents if a driver’s license is not available.

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